Charitable Foundation «Regenerative medicine and surgery»

Charitable Foundation

«Regenerative medicine and surgery»

Spheres of the charitable work of the Charitable Foundation are the provision of assistance to patients (adults and children who suffer from any disease, pathological condition or other disruption of health and life, or who receive medical care, treatment or medical supervision); provision of consultative, organizational, methodical, medical and other necessary assistance in obtaining or providing patients with qualified medical assistance in carrying out measures for regenerative medicine and reconstructive surgery.

CF “For the sake of children of Ukraine”

CF “Happiness”

The projects of our partner – is helping children of Ukraine, including young patients who need treatment, often unbearable in cost to their families and friends.

If each of us donates a small amount to help sick children, this will be a significant contribution to their health and will enable them to live on!

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” (Mother Teresa).

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