In this section you will find information on the most frequent aesthetic & laser procedures which you can eliminated age-related changes, improved the contours and shapes of the face and body, removed unwanted soft tissue neoplasms, raised the quality of the skin and as a result – to like yourself more, feel more beautiful and more confident.You can get more detailed information about your treatment by consulting .

I use advanced techniques and technologies of the leading world brands in my practice – manufacturers of equipment for aesthetic and laser medicine.

Fat Grafting & Nanofat - technology of natural rejuvenation

Fat grafting (lipofiling, lipomodelage or structural fat grafting) is now an established technique. It uses patient’s own fat to add volume to soft tissues. In addition to adding volume, micro fat transfer reduces scarring, improving the quality and elasticity of the overlying skin.

Technique of procedure: under local anesthesia (or under general anesthesia) using a thin cannula through small punctures in the skin, adipose tissue is sampled in small amounts. After washing and filtration, the fat cells are introduced in the area of volume deficit. The procedure takes 1-2 hours and is performed outpatient or repeated after 3-6 months.

Fat grafting is used in soft tissue augmentation, body contouring,  facial rejuvenation (wrinkles correction, creating cheekbones, increasing and rejuvenation of lips), facial reconstruction (e.g. Romberg’s disease, hypotrophy, assymetry) and breast surgery (both reconstructive and aesthetic).

Nanofat is emulsified and filtered fat that does not create a volume. The fat cells have been crushed and filtered out and what remains is a liquid that contains a high concentration of stem cells.

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells (MMSC), that can be differentiate into specialized cells (eg, skin). Stem cells are very important in the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Recent (2013) clinical research by Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Verpaele from Belgium has shown remarkable improvements in skin quality six months after the injection of the nanofate superficially in the dermis and subdermis (superficial skin layer). Therefore, many professionals involved in aesthetic medicine have started using nanofat for rejuvenation of the face and hands.

Nanofat has shown to have beneficial, rejuvenating effect on ageing or damaged skin (sun damage, discoloration). Cells within the fat grafts are capable of “repairing” damaged tissue and are presumed to stimulate the skin cells to produce substances that improve skin elasticity and deposition of essential structural proteins.

Nanofat also has a positive effect on scars as it makes them less visible.

Technique of procedure: same as Fat grafting. The procedure takes 1-2 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis, or repeated after 3-6 months.


Platent Rich Plasma (PRP) – is a new and promising approach in tissue regeneration and rejuvenation.

PRP is defined as the autologous (own) concentration of platelets and related growth factors in a small plasma volume.

Platelets are key factors in hard and soft tissue repair mechanisms. They provide the essential growth factors FGF, PDGF, TGF-B, EGF, VEGF, IGF that are involved in stem cell migration, differentiation and proliferation. The stimulation of fibroblasts and endothelial cells induces new extracellular matrix deposition and neo-vascularization.

Plasma is essential for cell survival as it contains nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes and proteins.

PRP is prepared from a small volume of the patient’s own blood by separating platelets and white blood cells from the red blood cells by centrifugation.

Then PRP is extracted from the tube and injected into the patient’s treatment zones.

For the procedures of PRP-therapy in our medical center, we use Ukraine’s, Europe’s and USA’s certified materials (tubes and equipment) of Swiss company RegenLab, Israeli company Estar Medical and Ukrainian company UCG.

Dysport - injections of botulinum toxin

Botulinotherapy is a modern method of treating hypertension of muscles (mimic, motor) and treatment of local hyperhidrosis.

“Dysport” (botulinum toxin type A) – a preparation of the French company “IPSEN”.

It is widely used in the world practice both for medical purposes and in aesthetic medicine.

Botulinum toxin acts on muscles that, when cutting, cause persistent pathological spasms or wrinkles.

After the injection of botulinum toxin, the muscles do not receive a signal to contract and relax.

Mimic wrinkles are smoothed, small wrinkles disappear completely, deep wrinkles (furrows) are significantly reduced.

The intensity of the work of botulinum toxin can be controlled by selecting an individual dosage of the drug and an individual injection schedule. Your face retains its individuality.

The drug is reversible and lasts from three to six months. After the termination of botulinum toxin, the muscle often remains less tense, and the habit of “frowning” decreases.

To maintain a permanent effect, as a rule, it is enough to do the procedure twice a year and less often.

Treatment procedures with Dysport are carried out in the Medical Center “TRIEN” also with such diseases as blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, hypertonus of chewing muscles (bruxism), spastic hyperkinesia after a stroke, spastic torticollis, tension headaches.

Botulinotherapy has become the most popular method of treating local hyperhidrosis (increased sweating) all over the world in recent years. Botulinum toxin (Dysport), interacting with the nerve endings of the sweat glands, blocks the release of acetylcholine, thereby reducing sweating.

The action of botulinum toxin is local and reversible.

The maximum effect after the procedure is manifested by the fifth day, and lasts 6 to 10 months; the result of the procedure is estimated 14 days after the injection.

Side effects and complications when proper observance the procedure technicsthe are very rare.

Restylane - contour plasty with hyaluronic acid fillers


Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin. Thanks to it, the tissues retain their elasticity, fullness, hydration and youthfulness.

With age, the amount of self-hyaluronic acid in the skin gradually decreases. This leads to wrinkles, sagging cheeks and cheekbones, loss of clarity of the contour of the face and violation of its harmony in general.

Injections of modern hyaluronic acid preparations – modeling of tissues with fillers – completely eliminate fine and deep wrinkles, restore the volume and contours of the face, provide deep hydration to the skin.

Thanks to this procedure, the lip contour improves, the lips acquire a more perfect shape, the volume of the lips increases, the corners of the mouth are raised, wrinkles around the lips are eliminated, the lips become more moist and look younger.

To correct the shape of the nose without surgery? – Today this is real.

With the help of contour plasty it is possible: -to correct the shape and size of the nose, -to make it thinner, -to give the nose correct clear contours, -to correct the shape of the tip of the nose, -to turn the nose “young forms”.

In our medical center, contour plasty is performed with preparations based on 100% hyaluronic acid (RESTYLANE – produced in Sweden, Teosyal – manufactured in Switzerland).

For today, hyaluronic acid, as a filler, is one of the safest and more studied product for contour plasty.

Intimate contour plasty

The injection of hyaluronic acid makes it possible to fill the volume of soft tissues of the urogenital area, improve sexual satisfaction and correct sexual disorders in women and men*.

The procedure is performed in a medical office, under local anesthesia, quickly and painlessly. For optimal results, several procedures may be necessary.

*For intimate correction, your own fat is also used (Fat grafting & Nanofat).

Indications for women:

moisturizing, increasing the tone of soft tissues of the urogenital zone (labia, vagina);
increase in volume and correction of the shape of large and small labia;
correction of age and postpartum changes in the urogenital zone (decrease in the volume of the vagina, moisturizing, increased tone).
Indications for men:

an increase in the volume of the glans penis and / or its diameter;
increased sexual desire and sexual satisfaction;
correction of sexual disorders (premature or delayed ejaculation).
You can get more detailed information about the procedure by consulting  a doctor.


Revitalization (Latin “re” – resumption and “vita” – life, literally: the “return of life”) is a procedure of aesthetic medicine aimed at restoring the lost function of the skin and preserving its youthfulness.

“Golden formula of revitalization” is a combination of three components: nutrition and moisturizing the skin, and stimulation of cells.
To revitalize the skin in our medical center, we use Restylane skin boosters  (Sweden) and non-stabilized hyaluronic acid preparations Jalupro HMW (Italy) and Profhilo (Italy).

Restylane Vital is a product of stabilized Hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the derma for a long time and stimulates skin cells (fibroblasts) that produce collagen and elastin.

Jalupro HMW, unstabilized Hyaluronic acid and a complex of vital amino acids, which is a nutrition for cells, a “building material” for the collagen-elastin framework.

Profhilo, highly concentrated unstabilized hyaluronic acid of different molecular weight, provides a strong lifting of the face, neck and body tissues while simultaneously restoring the structure of the skin.

These procedures allow you to achieve not only a quick visual effect, but also to strengthen the collagen structure of your skin.

And as a result – lifting and natural youthfulness.

The course consists of consecutive three procedures once every three to four weeks.

After the end of the course, the result continues to grow for another 3-4 months, because there is a constant soft stimulation of Restylane Vital, then a stable result lasts another 6 months.

Thus, to repeat the course of revitalization for further strengthening of the result will be necessary not earlier than in a year!

Chemical peels

Chemical peeling – abrasive action on the skin with chemical agents is one of the most popular methods of dermatocosmetology. The widespread popularity of chemical peeling, in addition to high efficiency contributes to the achievement of a pronounced rejuvenating effect in a fairly short time.

Of course, chemical peels can not replace surgical operations to correct the face and body. But if the peelings are performed according to the indications and, most importantly, an experienced specialist, the results are really impressive!

Professional chemical face peeling is a controlled chemical damage to certain layers of the skin (epidermis and / or dermis). As a result, in addition to the inflammatory reaction that develops in the epidermis and dermis, protective and restorative mechanisms of the skin are activated. The natural healing process begins, regeneration of the epidermis and dermis tissues takes place, after which the skin “rejuvenates”.

Classification of chemical peelings depending on the depth of skin damage

Superficial (in this case, damage occurs within the stratum corneum);
Medial (in this case, the effect occurs on the entire depth of the epidermis without damaging the basement membrane);
Deep (in this case, the effect occurs on the entire depth of the epidermis with partial or complete damage to the basal membrane).
Conducting any chemical peeling (peeling with glycolic acid, peeling with fruit acids, peeling with trichloroacetic acid, peeling with mandelic acid, etc.) essentially results in a chemical skin burn.

The correct approach to the peeling procedureis allows to reduce the risk of complications of peeling to a minimum.
We use the advance preparation for the procedure, modern peeling compounds, accurate compliance with the peeling protocol, the monitoring the depth of damage and creating optimal conditions for skin rehabilitation.


For today mesotherapy is a unique cosmetology procedure, which has won a truly global recognition. With its help cosmetologists correct cosmetic skin imperfections very effectively, struggle with manifestations of signs of premature aging (wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin), correct the proportions of the body, treat patients with cellulitis, alopecia, acne, etc.

The essence of mesotherapy.

Being a very successful branch of the popular aesthetic medicine today, mesotherapy, conducted by the course, promotes the stimulation of metabolic processes at the cellular level.

The effectiveness of mesotherapy as a separate technique of injectable rejuvenation is determined by the mechanism of mesotherapy drugs or intrinsic plasma (PRP-therapy) and the ability of skin cells to constantly regenerate.

Thus, mesotherapy is based on mechanical stimulation of the skin, efficient nutrition of cells, improvement of blood circulation, activation of cellular metabolism and acceleration of recovery of skin cells.

In 1948, the French doctor Michel Pistor, conducting clinical studies in the field of so-called intradermal therapy, drew attention to a significant improvement in the overall condition of his patient after injecting a vitaminized drug into the middle layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat.

The research of a talented doctor ended in the early 1950s, when his monumental work, which found the deepest sympathy with the press, received a completely legitimate name “mesotherapy”, i.e. “Medial treatment”.

This forced the French Academy of Medicine, which for a long time did not want to put up with mesotherapy as a new specialization in medicine, to think seriously. And 35 years later, in 1987, members of the French Medical Academy were forced to surrender. So there was mesotherapy – one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine and cosmetology.

Hands rejuvenation


For the rejuvenation of the skin and soft tissues of the hands, various methods of aesthetic & laser medicine and surgery are used:

mesotherapy (classical, PRP-therapy)
chemical peels
contour plasty with fillers (hyaluronic acid)

laser rejuvenation and therapy Fotona SP
fat grafting (a surgical technique for rejuvenating the skin with your own fat tissue)
and their combination.
On the consultation you will receive information about the methods of rejuvenating the hands, which are shown to you.

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Courtesy of: Adrian Gaspar, MD
Laser source: TwinLight®: Nd:YAG (1064 nm) + Er:YAG (2940 nm)
Courtesy of: Pham Huu Nghi, MD, PhD – Vietnam
Laser source: TwinLight®: Nd:YAG (1064 nm) + Er:YAG (2940 nm)
Courtesy of: Franco Paciolla, M.D.
Laser source: Er:YAG (2940 nm)
Courtesy of: Robin Sult, R.N.
Laser source: Er:YAG (2940 nm)
Courtesy of: Adrian Gaspar, MD
Laser source: TwinLight®: Nd:YAG (1064 nm) + Er:YAG (2940 nm)
Courtesy of: Adrian Gaspar, MD
Laser source: TwinLight®: Nd:YAG (1064 nm) + Er:YAG (2940 nm)
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