Promotions and Certificates

In this section you will find information on discount programs and promotional offers that are available at the ‘TRIEN’ Medical Center.


Promotional offer on AESTHETIC MEDICINE

For clients of the Medical Center “TRIEN”

From January 14 to February 14, 2019, an ACTION 20% is valid for the next aesthetic procedures:

  • The Restylane – contour plasty with hyaluronic acid filler (Sweden)
  • Dysport – injections of botulinum toxin (France)
  • The revitalization procedures with  Hyaluronic acid:  Jalupro HMW  (Italy)
  • There is the unique method of rejuvenation and restoration of tissues with autologous MSCS (own mesenchymal stem cells) – fat grafting / nanofat in the Medical center TRIEN (surgeon Olena Koval).



Chemical Peeling SEASON

Autumn price offer 20% for the PRX-T33 procedure!

– innovative peeling with a pronounced rejuvenating effect without rehabilitation!


• Duration of the procedure is 15 minutes;

• Painless and comfortable procedure.

The principle of operation of the peeling PRX-T33

The unique innovative composition of the peeling for the treatment of the skin instantly penetrates into the depth of the tissues, solves many problems at the same time and provides excellent results. Three components are included in the peeling fluid, the successful combination of which guarantees a complete update:

  • Trichloroacetic acid (33%). It activates the natural processes of recovery at the cellular level, improves the texture of the dermis, at the same time, has anti-inflammatory effect, effectively pures pores from excess sebum and dirt.
  • Kojic acid. Effectively used to remove pigment spots of different sizes, freckles, suppres the production of melanin. In addition, removes unesthetic manifestations on the skin (traces of rash, acne, chickenpox, small cicatricial formations). As a result the skin becomes clean and healthy.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3%). A strong antiseptic, which, interacting with the epidermis, with the help of released in a large amount of oxygen, perfectly removes all contaminants. The pores are cleaned, which ensures the normalization of intracellular metabolism.
    The effect of the procedure is felt immediately – the skin is went taut, smooth, more elastic, the complexion improves, so this procedure is ideal before some important events when you need to look irresistible.



Certificates for LPG Massages

When you purchase a certificate for 10 LPG-massages procedures at the TRIEN Medical Center, you will receive a LPG suit as a GIFT.


Your Birthday!

On your Birthday for you for all services in the Medical Center “TRIEN” there is a DISCOUNT of -20%*.

* – the discount is valid for three days: for the day, for the birthday and the next day.

Дисконтная карта

Discount program

For clients of the Medical Center “TRIEN” there is a discount accumulation program.

When the amount of your personal account is more than 5000.0 UAH you receive a 3% discount card of the Medical Center as a gift.

Discount discounts from 3% to 15% apply to all services of the Medical Center and care products *.

The records of your visits are kept by the administrators of the Medical Center, who, with the accumulation of the necessary amount on your personal account, will offer you a replacement card and a corresponding pleasant increase in the discount.

* – discounts do not apply to promotional procedures and care products, which does not make them less attractive to participants of the discount program; in addition, the cost of the service or purchase will be entered into your personal account.

You will be able to take advantage of your discount only if your personal discount card is presented to the administrator of the Medical Center (do not forget to take the card with you).


Gift certificates

Medical Center “Trien” invites you to please your loved ones and friends with a wonderful gift

GIFT CERTIFICATE with a nominal value of 1000-10000 UAH*, which gives you the opportunity to receive a service or buy care products at the Medical Center **.

* – the amount of the Gift Certificate can be individually selected by you upon prior request and, if necessary, specified at the consultation with a specialist depending on your wishes.

** – Gift certificates can be used several times (until their amounts are cleared) or added to a larger amount (if the certificate holder wishes to receive a more expensive service).